Podcast Episodes

All of our Podcast episodes in descending date order.

Featuring the unsolved 2012 disappearance of Brandy Wesaquate, age 28, from Regina, SK, Canada. Brandy, a transgendered female, was last seen leaving a New Years party in the early morning hours.
Featuring the unsolved 2015 disappearance of 21 year old Diamond Bynum and her 2 year old nephew King Walker from Gary, IN, USA. It is suspected that Diamond took King for a walk and became lost, being new to the area.
Featuring the unsolved 1990 disappearance of Trevaline Evans, age 52, from Llangollen, Wales. An antiques dealer places a note on her shop door, 'Back in 2 minutes' and and leaves for lunch. Those 2 minutes have lasted ever since.

Featuring the unsolved 1983 disappearance of Emanuela Orlandi, age 15, from Rome, Italy. A girl disappears en route to a flute lesson. Disturbing audio recordings are recovered, but the girl never is.

Featuring the unsolved 1986 disappearance of Juan Pedro Martinez Gomez, age 10, from Somosierra, Spain. The child's parents tragically pass away in a vehicular incident. Gallons of acid wash away any evidence. The child was gone.

Featuring the unsolved 2007 disappearance of Aeryn Gillern, age 34, from Vienna, Austria. American citizen, UNIDO employee, Mr. Gay Austria, disappears after running nude from a renowned sauna.

Featuring the unsolved 1998 disappearance of Tanja Muhlinghaus, age 15, from Wuppertal, Germany. An only child leaves home for some space. Letters are posted promising a prompt return which never materialises.

Featuring the unsolved 2005 disappearance of Max Castor, age 19, from Victoria, Australia. A young Swedish national takes his dream journey to the land down under. His parents receive a letter informing of his intention to disappear.

Featuring the unsolved 1995 disappearance of Ruth Wilson, age 16, from Surrey, England, UK. A teenager is dropped off by a taxi at a local beauty spot and disappears. Flowers are sent to her family days later with no message.

Featuring the unsolved 2012 disappearance of Timothy MacColl, age 27, from Dubai, UAE. A Scottish sailor departs his ship in Port Rashid shore leave. He enjoys a night on the town, before vanishing.

Featuring the unsolved 2010 disappearance of Unique Harris, age 24, from Washington DC, USA. A woman moves her family closer to her mother. She would later vanish from her apartment as her children slept.

Featuring the unsolved 2006 disappearance of Luke Durbin, age 19, from Ipswich, UK. A young man vanishes after becoming seperated from his friends on a night out, with no wallet and no phone.

Featuring the unsolved 2000 disappearance of Trevor Deely, age 22, from Dublin, Ireland. A promising IT employee vanishes while walking home from a work Christmas do. CCTV shows a man in black following behind him.

Featuring the unsolved 2000 disappearance of Asha Degree, age 9, from Shelby, NC, USA. A sheltered girl is bitterly disappointed by a basketball loss. She vanishes from home in the early hours, and never returns.

Featuring the unsolved 1986 disappearance of Suzy Lamplugh, age 25, from London, UK. An estate agent vanishes whilst on a viewing. Was her appointment a red herring? Did one of four serial killers sadly claim her life?

Featuring the unsolved 2010 disappearance of Russell Bohling, age 18, from Hull, UK. A young man on the precipice of independence, in line for an early inheritance. Disappears from an abandoned military base.

Featuring the unsolved 1998 disappearance of Carmel Fenech, age 16, from Brixton, UK. A troubled teen falls in with the caustic croud. What part do drugs, an older man, and an unexpected pregnancy play in her disappearance?

Featuring the unsolved 2011 disappearance of Esra Uyrun, age 37, from Clondalkin, Dublin, Ireland. A woman leaves for a brief errand. Her car is later spotted driving erratically. She never returns.

Featuring the unsolved 2001 disappearance of Glyn Taylor, age 21, from Lincolnshire, UK. A university student heads home for the break. His vehicle breaks down and he vanishes.

Featuring the unsolved 2007 disappearance of Andrew Gosden, age 14, from London, UK. A gifted student with a perfect attendance streak uncharacteristically truants and travels to the Capital. He is never seen again.

Featuring the unsolved 2009 disappearance of Claudia Lawrence, age 35, from York, UK. A sociable single woman leaves work with plans to meet a friend that evening. She never shows up.