About Kathryn

For as long as I can remember, I've been completely intrigued by all things mysterious. What started out as a morbid fascination developed, as I matured, into a compelling and insatiable need for answers. Humanity surpassed curiosity, resulting in an unyielding pursuit of the truth. Especially, for those who cannot seek it for themselves. The phenomenon that is 'missing' must be, by my standards, the single worst thing that a human being can experience. We've all lived, loved, laughed, and lost. We've all gained, and grieved. But, thankfully, few of us have suffered the emotional turmoil that is 'ambiguous loss'.

Not to know where our loved one is. Whether they are in pain, in need of our help. Not to know if they have abandoned us, or if there is somebody walking the streets responsible for the gaping hole left in their wake. Somebody, evading justice. The guilt and regret, pain and anguish, frustration and hopelessness. Feelings that for some, are as much a part of their daily life as the seconds that slip silently by. Not to know where they are, nor even knowing 'if' they still are.

To these people - the missing and those left behind - we owe it to find the truth. Whether the final chapter be good, or bad. Final, or fleeting. Each of us have a responsibility. Each of us has the ability to do something. Whatever is within our power.

We can help that child to sleep at night, knowing they weren't neglected. We can help that parent get through their day, knowing they didn't fail. We can remove the partner's pain, the friend's frustration, and the sibling's sorrow. Maybe even, we can bring somebody home.

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