Claudia Lawrence

Missing from York, UK, since March 18th 2009, when aged 35 years.

Featured in Episode #001


Claudia, a chef, is believed to have disappeared whilst walking to work in the early hours of the morning.

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Items of Note Discussed in the Episode

Claudia's hair straighteners and mobile phone remain outstanding

Police Appeals

Claudia's Karrimor Rucksack

In the effort to locate Claudia's missing rucksack, the investigation team want to hear about a similar rucksack that was spotted near the University of York at about 1pm on Thursday 19 March 2009.

The location of the blue and grey Karrimor rucksack was in a grassy area off a footpath which runs between Heslington Road and Walmgate Stray, which is just past The Retreat if you were heading towards the university.

If someone temporarily left the rucksack there and can confirm it is not connected to the investigation, please come forward as soon as possible.

Man and Woman Arguing by Car

A member of the public said they were standing and arguing next to an unknown parked vehicle. The passenger-side door was open.

Det Sup Malyn said: “This remains a significant line of enquiry which we are determined to resolve.

“The fact that the apparent verbal altercation between the man and woman occurred outside the University of York at a time when Claudia would have been arriving at work on Thursday 19th March 2009, is obviously a cause for concern and suspicion.

“If this man and woman are entirely unconnected to the disappearance of Claudia Lawrence but have decided not to come forward previously for whatever reason, then I strongly urge them to contact the investigation team so we can rule out this line of enquiry.”

Left Handed Smoker

Back in 2009, a sighting was reported to the police by a passing cyclist who was travelling from Rawdon Avenue towards Heworth Road of a male left handed smoker and a female on Melrosegate Bridge at around 5.35am on Thursday  pair19 March. They were on the cyclist’s left hand side near to the substation.

The man was described as about 5ft 6in tall with a skinny build. He was wearing a dark-coloured hooded top with the hood up, and dark-coloured combat trousers with pockets on the side. He was holding a cigarette in his left hand.

The woman was smaller than the man with mousey brown hair and was wearing a blue, waist-length jacket with buttons and pockets.

Det Supt Malyn said: “Despite numerous high-profile appeals, neither the man or the woman have been traced. We believe it is important to repeat the appeal for any information that could identify these people.

“In particular, the man who smokes with his left hand could be significant to the investigation in relation to the male DNA profile found on a cigarette butt in Claudia’s car.

“Somebody out there knows who this man is and it’s time that they come forward.”

Male DNA Profile Identified on Cigarette Butt in Claudia's Car

A DNA profile of a male has been established from a cigarette butt found in Claudia's 'green-blue' Vauxhall Corsa, which was being repaired at a local garage at the time she disappeared.

Det Supt Malyn said: “It is vital that we trace this man as soon as possible as he could have important information to assist the investigation.

“We need to know if Claudia had any male friends, colleagues or acquaintances who were known to smoke in her car. From speaking to Claudia’s friends, it wasn’t unusual for people to smoke in her car or her home. Again, the elimination process is a simple one so we urge you to come forward.”

Man Seen Outside Claudia's House on the Morning she Disappeared

The man is described as white, aged 55 to 65, about 6ft tall with a full head of medium-length grey hair which appeared scruffy and windswept. The witness did not see the male’s face.

He was wearing a matt sandy-coloured ‘Mac’ style jacket which came just below the knee. It was unfastened and appeared to be made of thick material or the wearer had extra clothing underneath.

There is no description available of any other clothing worn by the man.

Det Supt Malyn said: “The witness passed the information to the police in 2009 but this is the first time that it has been used in a public appeal.

“This is clearly a critical period for the investigation. We need to identify this man as soon as possible and find out what he was doing outside Claudia’s house. This time would have been after she had left for work if she had walked. Therefore why this person would be so close to her door remains a very important fact we need to establish.”

Man in Co-Op at Tang Hall

At mid-morning on 1 April 2009, a man entered the Co-Op store at Tang Hall in York. He commented to members of staff that he either knew Claudia or used to work with her.

This man has never been traced within the investigation and police are keen to speak to him.

He is described as black, aged in his late 20s, about 5ft 8in tall, slim build and he spoke with an African accent. He was wearing what appears to be a light-coloured baseball-style cap with a darker peak with a “NASA” motif, a zip-up cardigan with the motif “Beverley Hills Polo” on the breast , blue jeans and white trainers with a pink stripe.

Det Supt Malyn said: “The original investigation carried out enquires to locate this man. It is hoped this fresh appeal together with some CCTV images will help us identify who he is.

“I am urging this man to come forward to assist the investigation. Or if someone recognises him from the CCTV image taken from inside the shop, please contact the police.”

Old-Style Light Coloured Ford Focus Seen Braking

On 19 March 2009 at 5.42am, CCTV footage shows an old-style light coloured Ford Focus hatchback car - manufactured between 1998 and 2004 - driving along Heworth Road.

As it approaches level with Claudia’s house the car’s brake lights come on.

Det Supt Malyn said: “If this is you driving at the time or know who it was, again it is very important that you come forward. The fact the car appears to brake may indicate you saw something that could be very important to us.”

White Vauxhall Astra Van Parked Near Claudia's Home the Night she Disappeared

Police need to trace the owner of a white Vauxhall Astra van that was parked on the opposite side of the road of Claudia's house, towards the Costcutter shop and the fish and chip shop. It was there for at least 30 minutes from 9.01pm on Wednesday 18 March 2009, confirmed by CCTV.

Det Supt Malyn said: “The driver may have vital information that could assist our enquiries and is urged to come forward. If you know who it is please get in touch straight away.”

Man with Rucksack seen Outside Claudia's House the Week she Disappeared

Police are appealing for help to locate a man seen on Heworth Road at about 2.30pm on an unknown day the week Claudia went missing. He was seen walking along the street by a witness who was sat in her car in stationary traffic.

The man is described as white, clean shaven, slim build, 5ft 9in to 5ft 10in tall, aged in his 30s, with very neat dark hair which was brownish and stylishly cut with a fringe. She did not see the man’s full face, only his profile.

He was wearing smart-casual clothing, comprising a mid hip-length, light tan coloured ‘Mac’ type jacket which appeared thin, waterproof and had a hood. He wore smart dark-coloured jeans or trousers and dark-coloured footwear. He was carrying a small dark rucksack over his shoulder which did not appear to have much in it.

The witness recalled that the man was talking animatedly on his mobile phone and was laughing. As he walked along he appeared to be looking for a particular house.

As the man approached a house with a green door, believed to be Claudia’s, the door opened and a woman similar to Claudia emerged also on her phone.

The woman appeared shocked at seeing the man. The witness formed the opinion that they were known to each other and he had surprised her with a visit.

The man then appeared dejected and upset to which the woman’s expression softened. After looking up and down the street, she took hold of the man and led him into the house.

Det Supt Malyn said: “It is vital that this man is traced and assists the investigation. It appeared to the witness that this visitor was perhaps unexpected so it remains an important line of enquiry to identify who this was.

“If this was you or someone can tell us who he is or his current whereabouts, please do not delay in contacting North Yorkshire Police.”

CCTV Released to Help Identify People Seen Near House

Detective Superintendent Dai Malyn, head of North Yorkshire Police’s Major Crime Unit and the senior investigating officer in the Claudia case, said: “The footage shows two people who we need to identify. They were caught on a CCTV camera at 7.15pm on Wednesday 18th March 2009, a short while before Claudia spoke to her parents on the phone.

“Of particular interest to the investigation team is the person who is seen walking down Heworth Place which leads to the back of Claudia’s house. The person goes out of camera shot but reappears just over a minute later. They appear to be carrying a bag over their shoulder.

“As the person heads back towards Heworth Road they suddenly stop when another unknown person walks past. Who is this? Do they live locally? What were they doing? If you can help to identify either person, please contact us as soon as possible. We are waiting to hear from you.”

Do You Know Anything About the Hair Dye Found in Claudia's Home?

Officers found an empty blonde hair dye box and rubber gloves inside Claudia's home.

Det Supt Malyn said: “From the review of all the evidence available, it is our belief that she had left for work on the morning of Thursday 19 March 2009.

"There is a possibility that Claudia may have been colouring another person’s hair. If anyone knows about this or it was you, please come forward now.”

Other Individuals Noted in the Episode

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