Andrew Gosden

Missing from London, UK, since September 14th 2007, when aged 14 years.

Featured in Episode #002


Andrew, a maths 'genius', decided to skip school one day and took a train ride and £200 to London without his parent's knowledge. He never returned.

Contact Details

Anyone with information regarding the disappearance of Andrew Gosden should contact South Yorkshire Police on 101 (from the UK), quoting incident number 161 of 13th September 2017. 

Additionally, you can contact the Missing People charity on Freefone or text 116 000, or email for confidential advice and support.

Further Information

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Alexander Sloley

Items of Note Discussed in the Episode
Andrew's Double Ridged Ear and Slipknot T-Shirt he was Wearing when he Disappeared

Other Individuals Noted in the Episode

Alexander Sloley